Application, Removal, & Care


Step 1: All Maintain Beauty Lashes come with an extended band to fit every eye type. Before applying your Lashes its recommended you measure the band to fit comfortably against your eyelid. Once you have seamless fit you should trim the excess band accordingly.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Maintain Beauty Lash adhesive to the band of the lash. Wait approximately 15-20 seconds or until the glue becomes tacky before applying. If using the Lash pen its recommended to apply as liner directly to the eyelid. Once the glue is tacky you'll be able to apply the lash right above your natural lashes and directly into the crease of your eyelid.

Step 3: Lastly, gently use your fingers or tweezers to press together the false lashes with your own natural lashes. Once the lashes are secure proceed to applying mascara.


When removing your lashes its recommended to allow steam to loosen the glue before attempting to take them off. This process allows the glue to breakdown so your lashes aren't accidentally pulled out in the process. Also recommended to pull up, not out.


The shelf life of our lavish Lashes exceed the shelf life of most lashes.When Applied and removed properly Maintain Beauty lashes can be used up to 20-25 times. To ensure maximum longevity please follow the care instructions proved below:

Treat your lashes with care: Remove the glue from the band of your lashes. Avoid pulling at the band of your lashes during this process, Use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to loosen the glue and allow for sanitation.

After removing lashes its recommended to place them back onto the tray and secured in your Maintain Beauty Box. This helps the shape and band of your lashes stay in tacked.